Thursday, September 18, 2008


When we were idlers with the loitering rills,

The need of human love we little noted:

Our love was nature; and the peace that floated

On the white mist, and dwelt upon the hills,

To sweet accord subdued our wayward wills:

One soul was ours, one mind, one heart devoted,

That, wisely doting, ask’d not why it doted,

And ours the unknown joy, which knowing kills.

But now I find how dear thou wert to me;

That man is more than half of nature’s treasure,

Of that fair beauty which no eye can see,

Of that sweet music which no ear can measure;

And now the streams may sing for others’ pleasure,

The hills sleep on in their eternity.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Trip to Genting..

Last two months, me and my friends are going to a nice trip at genting..we choose genting because we want to having some fun at there..we going there for only one day..

We started our journey at Gombak bus station..we took a bus that is especially for going to Genting..a journey to Genting takes one hour to reach there..after we reach at Genting bus station, then we ride a skyway to reach at the top of Genting..this the best part because i have the first experience in riding heart feel nervous but excited because i can see the beautiful view of forest from the skyway..

After having ride skyway for 20 minutes, we finally reach the top of Genting..the temperature at there is very cold..then, we enter the themes park of Genting to enjoy all the games that having in there..

When the night comes, we are going back to Gombak..on that day, i have a sweet experience that i couldn't forget in my life..i am very happy at that moment..


Bowling...bila cerita pasal bowling, teringat masa mula-mula aku mengenali permainan ini..aku mengenali permainan ini bila kawan-kawan ku mengajak aku bermain..masa itu dalam tahun 2004..masa mula-mula main, tahu-tahu aje la..aku main baling je la bola bowling itu..asalkan kena pada pin bowling..bila teringat balik pada masa itu kelakar pulak..

Tetapi sejak aku mengenali seseorang yang mempunyai minat bermain bowling yang tinggi, perspektif aku terhadap permainan bowling mulai berubah..dia sering mengajak aku bermain bowling dan mengajar aku cara-cara bermain dengan betul..dari situlah minat aku untuk bermain bowling bertambah kuat..

Sekarang, aku mulai suka untuk bermain bowling..bila ada masa lapang, kami akan mengisi masa lapng itu dengan bermain bowling..mana tidaknya..sekarang aku sudah mempunyai bola dan kasut bowling sendiri..bermain bowling mengajar aku erti sabar dan bagaimana untuk mengatur strategi..buat semua kawan-kawan sekalian..cubalah untuk bermain bowling dan jadikan ia satu permainan yang menyeronokkan..selamat mencuba!!